Ease the Journey – Yin®


Supplement in a Nutshell

Menopausal problems in women with Kidney-Yin deficiency.

Classical Antecedent (Modified)

Zuo Gui Wan

Differences from Classical Antecedent

Stronger action in clearing Empty Heat.

60 Tabs / 500mg

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Wu Wei Zi Fructus Schisandrae
Gou Qi Zi Fructus Lycii
Sheng Di Huang Radix Rehmanniae recens
Huai Niu Xi Radix Achyranthis bidentatae
Tu Si Zi Semen Cuscutae
Huang Jing Rhizoma polygonati sibirici
Mu Dan Pi Cortex Moutan
Shan Yao Rhizoma Dioscoreae oppositae
Shan Zhu Yu Fructus Corni
Tian Men Dong Radix Asparagi
Suan Zao Ren Semen Ziziphi spinosae
Ba Ji Tian Radix Morindae officinalis
Ze Xie Rhizoma Alismatis
Qin Jiao Radix Gentianae macrophyllae
Di Gu Pi Cortex Lycii
Zhi Gan Cao Radix Glycyrrhizae preparata


Kidney-Yin deficiency with Empty-Heat.


Nourish Kidney-Yin and Essence, clear Empty-Heat.

Tongue: This could range from a nearly normal-coloured body (tending to red) with rootless coating to a red body without any coating at all, depending on the degree of Yin deficiency.
Pulse: Floating-empty, or weak on both rear positions and relatively overflowing on both front ones (this latter pulse pattern would be particularly common in menopausal problems), or fine and rapid if there is pronounced Empty­-Heat.

Classical Antecedent

Zuo Gui Wan

Differences from Classical Antecedent

Stronger action in clearing Empty Heat.

Acupuncture Points

KI-3 Taixi, KI-6 Zhaohai, ST-36 Zusanli, SP-6 Sanyinjiao, Ren-4 Guanyuan, LU-7 Lieque and KI-6 Zhaohai in combination, All with reinforcing method. Generally, no moxa.
HE-6 Yinxi, P-7 Daling with even or reducing method.

Ease the Journey – Yin® is a variation of the classical prescription Zuo Gui Wan (Restoring the Left [Kidney] Pill). Ease the Journey – Yin® was formulated to respond to the very common clinical situation in women when there is a deficiency of both Kidney-Yin and Kidney-Yang. Kidney-Yin is the substance, the Essence, and Kidney-Yang is the function: the two are interdependent and inseparable and it is for this reason that they are usually both deficient. However, there will always be a predominance of either Yin or Yang deficiency and this is easily observed on the tongue: if it is red there is a predominance of Kidney-Yin deficiency, if it is pale there is a predominance of Kidney-Yang deficiency.

Ease the Journey – Yin® is aimed at addressing a deficiency of both Yin and Yang but with a predominance of Kidney-Yin deficiency.

  • Ze Xie, Qin Jiao and Di Gu Pi were added to clear Empty-Heat
  • Tian Men Dong was added to nourish Lung-Yin and Kidney-Yin and moisten dryness
  • Mu Dan Pi clears Heat, cools Blood and enters the Liver
  • Suan Zao Ren pacifies the Liver, calms the Mind and settles the Ethereal Soul; being sour, it also stops sweating

The formula can be used in women as well as men whenever there is combined deficiency of Kidney-Yin and Kidney-Yang with a predominance of Kidney-Yin deficiency and with evident symptoms of Empty-Heat.

This product is a dietary (food) supplement, to be taken as directed by a qualified practitioner. It is not intended to treat, cure, diagnose or prevent any disease. Not to replace a varied diet. Not to be taken if nursing or if pregnant. Not to be consumed continuously for longer than 3 months.